Ferndale Livestock Management

Ferndale Livestock Management is a farm and livestock management system that is designed for small to medium farms with up to 250 animals.

Mobile Record Keeping

Ferndale Livestock Management works on most smart mobile phones so treatments and notes can be added in the field for live and accurate data. No more searching for a pen and paper or lost records.

Increase your farm's productivity and save money

The Ferndale Livestock Management allows farms to simplify their record keeping, track the herd's genealogy and will increase the productivity of your farm. It also allows the identification and removal of unproductive and under-performing animals from your herd, improving fertility rates.

Keep Records Of

Accurate Stock Numbers
  Exactly how many Heifers, Steers, Cows, Rams, Ewes etc do you have
  *Species currently supported: Cattle, Sheep and Goats.
Breeding History
  How many calves has this particular cow had and when?
  or who is a particular calves mother / father?
Treatment History
  When were they last vaccinated or wormed etc?
  Have they had any medical issues?
  What is this particular animals NLIS ID?  (*requires you to have recorded it in our system)
End of the Financial Year Stock Numbers
  Produces a list of all the livestock that was born, purchased, sold, and deceased,
  as well as the total number of animals in your herd/flock


Ferndale Livestock Management is priced at a very low $15/month for up to 250 Livestock

Contact us to access our free demo system so you can check it out.

New users will also get their first month FREE.

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