Our Story

This product was developed to help my father in correlating our herds information and to stop the growing mound of loose paper collecting in a desk drawer.

These papers produced a less then complete picture of our herd, its treatments and breeding history.

I felt there had to be a better way so I started researching existing livestock management systems.
However, I found these to be over complicated, hard to use and expensive.
This realisation led me to develop my own system that was simpler to use while still containing all the information we required to track our cattle numbers, breeding history and treatments.

At first my father was hesitant to go from loose paper to a digital system, but after using it for only a few short months, he wondered how he ever survived without it.

This system has allowed our farm to improve our production as it makes record keeping easy and allows accurate information to be at our fingertips whether we are in the paddock, yards or in the study.

- Joshua Bilson

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